Recruiting and staffing services
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Permanent hire

Whether you are running a growth company or ramping up a digital business unit, we can help you find the best talent quickly! Don’t let your recruiting lag behind and limit your growth potential or prevent you from building world-class digital products and driving your digital transformation forward!

Freelance hire

When you need immediate (should have done it yesterday!) help or specific talent for a project, we can help you find the best freelance talent!

Heron talent search process

Before starting the actual talent search process, our team will gather an in-depth understanding of your industry, business and the role. We want to understand what makes your business and the job opportunity unique for candidates. We also want to align with your team on what success will look like, day-to-day accountabilities in the role, competencies required, and define the candidate DNA.

Based on this briefing meeting, the Heron team will create a search strategy and a candidate sales pitch.

The actual search process will start by sourcing a long-list of candidates (200). The long-list will be narrowed down by selecting the most prominent candidates for a short-list (20 candidates). After that, we will conduct screening calls and vet the candidates. Based on our vetting process we will send the top candidates (5) for your interviews. We recommend 2-4 interview rounds and at least 2 top candidates in the final discussion.

A typical recruiting process takes 1-3 months depending on the client´s schedule and the number of interview rounds.

Upload your CV and one of our consultants will be in touch with you as soon as possible.