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What are our clients saying about us?

We have completed 99% of searches, with a current stick rate of 94%. Heron always offers a replacement guarantee.

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Ahti Heinla

Co-founder & CTO, Starship Technologies

Jan is very good at getting high-profile candidates, impressive work. I enjoyed working with him and would certainly do it again.
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Petri Salo

PwC Digital Services Leader

We were planning to set up a new brand-led strategic service design team for POND (part of PwC Network) in Finland. For us a critical success factor was to identify, attract and ultimately hire the best possible pioneering core team to establish and scale our business in this space. It was evident that we needed a partner who had the best possible market insight and network in this domain. We selected Jan as our recruiting partner due to his evident experience and network in this space. Jan definitely lived up to our high expectations resulting in us having an excellent core team in place. Jan not only facilitated the overall process extremely smoothly but he also sparred us on our overall business approach & strategy along the way. The quality of the candidates he was able to introduce was top-notch and his consultative approach provided value both ways: to us as the hiring team and to the candidates as well. Overall, his commitment and service attitude was outstanding and I strongly recommend Jan for similar engagements.d Jan for similar engagements!
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Lauri Eloranta

Managing Partner, Founder at Columbia Road

Jan is true headhunting professional. When you want to fill a critical business development or sales role, you can trust Jan to make it happen. He drives the process forward relentlessly, does not give up and most importantly, he understands what we are looking for and is able to pitch our story to high-level candidates. 5/5.
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Karl Hahtovirta

Finance & Strategy Director, Schibstedt Growth, Schibstedt Media Group

Jan did a great job in helping us find top talent. This was key recruitment of ours that had started a bit slowly. Compared to some of the other recruiters I have met, Jan could quickly grasp the in and outs of this relatively complex role in digital business. Further, I was impressed by the speed at which Jan delivered, it did not take many days from starting until Jan was delivering at what he promised.
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Frederique Vermaete

Experience Director, Nordea

My service experience through working with Jan is focused on scouting talent. His no-nonsense approach, flexibility, and quick comms through preferred channels work efficiently. He pushes through hard with one aim only – to land the best candidate for the appropriate challenge as fast as possible.
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Markus Huttunen

Partner, Digital & Strategy, BearingPoint

Jan helped us at BearingPoint recruit a senior team lead to establishing a novel customer experience & design team within a management consultancy. Jan proved very helpful in fine-tuning the requirements for the person to be recruited, scouting a good long list of candidates, raising the interest of some of the best people in the field, helping us narrow down who would be the best match for us, and facilitating the overall process from start to finish – leading to a successful recruitment. With his deep sector expertise in customer experience and design, Jan can go much deeper in supporting a recruiter than a generalist headhunter and this proved very helpful in our case. I can warmly recommend Jan for similar engagements!

….and candidates?

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Sami Loikala

Head of Customer Experience and Design, BearingPoint

The recruiting process that Jan lead was a very smooth one. All the steps were clearly communicated and he was always on top of things. He really understood the questions and concerns that one might have during the recruitment journey. Jan has a deep understanding of the industry, that clearly helped him to communicate requirements to the candidate and establish a trusted relationship between a candidate and employer. Strong recommendation to Jan & Heron Talent!
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Antti Kilpelä

Service Design Director, PwC Experience Center Helsinki

Based on my personal experience I warmly recommend Jan as a digital recruiter. It is great to work with a recruiter who understands the digital domain and the different roles in it, not to mention the scope of work and what is required from the candidates to be successful in the role. When discussing with Jan, it is like talking with a peer. The recruiting process with Jan was a very smooth one and I was kept up to date all the time regarding the progress of the process.
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Ville Immonen

Senior Service Designer, Nordea

This was so far the smoothest recruitment process of my career. It started with a discussion with Jan on this new interesting opportunity. He was able to describe the industry and this particular position perfectly from a designer perspective. We shortly agreed that this could be my next move on my career. Right after the discussion, Jan set an interview for me and my future employer already for the next week. From my point of view, I can’t imagine an easier process. I highly recommend both, employers and employees to take advantage of Jan’s knowledge, contacts and experience in the field.
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Gholamreza (Shahab) Anbarjafari

Chief Data Scientist at PwC/Founder of iCV Lab/Co-founder of iVCV

I want to recommend Jan as an excellent talent hunter. He approached me with an exciting job offer, which when I read it, I was amazed by how excellently it matches my profile. Jan has carefully investigated all potential candidates and has contacted those who are an excellent match. In my case, I am still amazed, as not only was it an ideal match (with my talents and expertise), but it was “THE MATCH”. Now after 6 months of working in the position that he hunted me for, all my colleagues and I believe that I am the best candidate that could get this position. I feel strongly that I am bringing added value to the company and my teammates can all feel and see it as well. In my opinion, Jan is just a wizard with the magical power of finding the right candidate for a job. He spends time and conducts a detailed background check of the candidates to ensure they are the right one even before he contacts them. I am honored to add this recommendation.

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