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Heron Talent is an international digital talent recruitment company

We help growth companies and digital business units find rockstar talents

We cover the whole spectrum of digital talent

from executives to executors

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Digital Business Leaders – Chief Digital Officers, Chief Customer Experience Officers, and Vice Presidents of SW Engineering or Design. We help our clients identify visionary individuals with a strong presence and great communication skills who are great advocates for digital transformation. These executives always have their fingers on the organizational pulse.

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Sales and Business Development – We help our clients find outbound sales executives—individuals who can lead new client acquisition and are not afraid to pick up the phone themselves and make things happen. 

Digital Marketing and Commerce – We believe that digital marketing is an incremental part of sales and lead generation. We help our clients recruit digital-savvy marketing professionals—leaders who work in close collaboration with sales and drive lead generation and omnichannel commerce through measurable outcomes. 

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Product Management and Creation – Product Owners and Managers, Digital Designers, and SW Engineers. Many of our clients are creating new innovative digital products and services that will disrupt the market. They are looking for professionals familiar with the latest product development frameworks, methods, and tools.

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Data Science – Chief and Senior Data Scientists, Heads of Data & Analytics, Data Architects, and Data Engineers. Our clients are data-driven companies. We help them acquire world-class Data Leaders—individuals who understand data, business, technology, and are hands-on when needed.

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